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Commercial Roof-mounted Solar PV Installations

GESS’ Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity Supply Proposal

By allowing us to make use of your organisation’s unused roof space, we can provide you with sustainable solar PV electricity at a significant discount to your Grid electricity supplier’s daytime electricity price without your organization incurring any expense for a solar PV system. The installation of a PV system on the building roof can be carried out without disrupting your organisation’s operations. This PV system will provide your organization with a long term, highly reliable supply of electricity.

In summary, our solar PV electricity supply proposal will enable your organisation to:

  • reduce its carbon footprint;
  • make immediate significant savings on its electricity bills;
  • secure savings now which are expected to increase significantly over time; and
  • save your organisation’s capital for investment in its core operations by avoiding the requirement to commit any of this capital to achieving the carbon footprint and electricity bill savings resulting from the PV system installation.

Our simple solar PV electricity supply proposal will enable you to achieve all of these objectives. The only requirement is that you have sufficient air space available above the roofs of your business premises and /or you own a car park which will enable us to install one of our solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

GESS’ Solar PV Electricity Supply Proposal – With the necessary planning and Grid connection permissions in place, we will install one or more solar PV systems on suitable roofs and /or on our patent-pending frame above a car park at no cost to your organization.

We will supply the PV electricity generated to your organisation at a significant discount to the price charged by your current Grid electricity supplier. Your organisation will only be charged for the PV electricity which is used on site and any surplus will be exported automatically to the Grid. If at any time your organisation were to require more electricity than that generated by the PV system, then this additional electricity would automatically be supplied by your Grid electricity supplier.

Our minimum requirements are a daytime electricity usage of at least 75,000 kWh per annum by organisation and at least 350 square metres of suitable (unshaded and flat or facing south of the east-west line, if pitched) roof space for a roof-mounted PV system or at least 20 parking spaces for a car park frame-mounted PV system.